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UAE "&e" launches fifth generation satellite communication

the latest technical solutions via satellites, EUTELSAT QUANTUM, to be the first telecom company in the UAE to increase the capabilities of its 5G network by connecting it to programmed satellites.

Etisalat from &e confirmed that it has implemented this step after extensive tests it conducted for more than a year, with the aim of expanding the scope of deployment of the 5G mobile network, by adding the latest quantum space technologies in cooperation with EUTELSAT, to the newly installed Newtech Dialog Hub technologies to enhance the network capacity. mobile phone, according to the Emirates News Agency, WAM.

In this context, Khalid Morshed, Chief Technology Officer and Information Technology Officer at Etisalat M&e, said that satellite connectivity has become a major enabler for societies and businesses in this rapidly evolving digital landscape, while the demand for permanent connectivity to the Internet is increasing, due to the constant need to use technologies such as the Internet of Things and intelligence. Artificial, and blockchain, which has a greater impact on consumer life.

By deploying these satellite solutions and technology, our customers will be able to access their data at high speeds over the 5G network even when a terrestrial connection is not available, marking another important step towards the region's adoption of 5G networks and bridging the digital divide."

EUTELSAT QUANTUM, is the first commercial Ku-band satellite with a fully flexible payload that can be remotely configured by software from the user's premises, as a routable and programmable package, that can be controlled in real time to commands, to deliver maximum throughput and optimization for its various operating scenarios.

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